MVOAT—2 Ice Patterns

This is proving to be a most interesting study.  I started with this pattern, called Ice Pattern_1 shown here in its original form and color. If you look back at MVOAT—1 you will notice this pattern.  That is where it came from.   These kinds of things are everywhere, it is only that we need to open our mental eyes to notice them.  I remember at the time thinking, those a neat patterns I wonder what I could do with them.  I snapped a few shots of the pattern while taking the other pictures of the Ice Palace.

Once back in my digital darkroom I did a few of the usual variations, black and white, sepia, color negative and so on.  To keep this blog at a reasonable size I have built in links to my Picasa and Flicker albums on the same topic.  So far I have 35 different images of Ice Pattern_1.  I am building a sister web site for AIFI that will be a stock photo or stock image supplier of natural textures and patterns and some of their many variations.  That will take a bit of time to implement.  In the mean time, AIFI will stock a limited selection of these variations starting in early May.  Other variations can be ordered directly from me.  Best to keep orders separated from other correspondence, so please use the contact form at AIFI.Why would you do something like this, one might ask?  Why not, I answer.  I find the this image, in this color range, pleasant and pleasing.  Others may not.  Others may see some useful propose for all or part of these images.  The pattern subset in the lower right, is shown below.  Depending on one’s taste, I can see this repeated or, tiled as a background to a blog or home page.  An alternative is to divide the image in four and then using some, perhaps all five, or more parts, as equal sized tiles, build a very interesting background for a home page. This is one of those things where your inner creativity needs to be given its freedom. Why would you do something like this, one might ask?  Why not I answer.  I find the this image in this color range pleasant and pleasing.  Others may not.  Others may find different colors are more pleasing or fit their purpose better.  I will talk about color variations of these patterns in the next blog.  You can see quite a few by hitting the Picasa link above.

Another kind of variation is intensity.  Here is the center of the original image, this time substantially lightened. Okay, so let your imagination run free.  Creativity is just that being creative, that is, taking that which we find and making something new from it.  For those who know me well, this is old hat, I have been doing it since forever.  I will blog a bit about that in the future.

Does a change in the intensity or hue or even the color itself shift the narrative of the image?  I would suspect it does for some and probably not for others.  Which one are you?

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